There are always potential buyers looking for Penticton homes for sale. If you’re placing your home on the market, then consider the following steps you’ll need to take in order to prep your house for a market showing.

Landscaping vastly improves curb appeal

Imagine pulling your car up to a listing that’s been placed on your list of prospective properties to buy. You’ve seen all sorts of enticing photos of the interior, but when you pull up to the actual property, the landscaping tells a different tale regarding the property’s value.

Hiring professional landscapers can do a great deal to make prospective buyers feel as great about the exterior of your property as they’d feel about its interior.

Prevent creepy, dirty objects from falling above

How would you feel if you allowed prospective buyers to tour your property, only to have them report that they were bonked on top of their head with a rock, falling leaves, or worse, a dead bird, or a rodent?

You’d be mortified, but all of these scenarios could honestly take place if you’re not keeping up with keeping your gutters and roofing shingles cleaned. That’s because gutters do the job of collecting debris, and when the debris isn’t cleaned or rinsed away, the the debris collection has no where else to go but down.

Step up those small repairs, immediately

You know how you’ve been putting off fixing the hinges on your garage doors? How about the chipped paint around the exterior of your window sills? And then, there’s cracks that have formed in your front door – perhaps none of these are issues around your home, but if so, then it’s time to schedule repairs, immediately.

Simply put, how can you convince a potential buyer to make one of the most important investments in their lives if you can’t be bothered to convince them that your property is completely worth investing in?

It might be time to call a junk hauling company

Did you know that there are junk hauling companies that exist to take away all of the extra junk you’ve been storing around your home?

Think of the boxes and containers in your attic that contain belongings that you’re never going to use again. Or think about old pieces of furniture that are way past their usefulness. If you’re ready to place your home on the market for a showing, then a junk hauling company needs to be placed on your speed-dial!

Get your closets ready for inspection

Now, before you object to strangers roaming through your home to touch your personal belongings, consider why prospective home buyers would want to check out your closets. One of the top reasons why prospective buyers are drawn or repelled to a property is closet space.

In fact, many buyers start looking for a new home specifically because they either require larger closets, or like many couples, they require separate closets. So it’s very natural for a buyer to want to take a close look at your closets, even if you’ve still got your clothes and shoes claiming residence in the space.

Dust bunnies aren’t welcome

Keeping a few dust bunny patches your home might seem…quaint in your mind. But in the minds of buyers, these seemingly-harmless furry creatures will be perceived as unwelcomed guests during your next open-house (or private) showing.

Fortunately, a good swipe of a dust mop and a little time with a hand-held vacuum cleaner is all that’s needed to send the little fur-monsters packing. Best of all, the attention to detail that you lavish on top of your shelving and underneath your furniture will make your home appear to look a lot more sophisticated.

Eliminate those awful smells

In human minds, there’s a huge difference between smells and aromas. Aromas are associated positively with baked goods, flowers, sweet perfume, new leather, and other scents that make people smile while experiencing comfort. And then, there’s smells.

Smells are often called odors, and these create a negative impact. Inside of a home, odors can include old food, sweaty socks and shoes, musty furniture, garbage cans, or worse, pet boxes. No one wants to spend any time inside of a property filled with bad smells, and they certainly wouldn’t want to buy this type of home.

You can easily take care of surface odors by giving your home a complete cleaning. Be sure to buy pleasant-smell air fresheners – the best type are the scented oil dispenses that you plug into the walls for continuous freshness. But be sure that the odor isn’t coming from moldy wall planks or your basement, either. These can be signs of much larger issues.

Penticton real estate buyers expect the most for their money, so it’s in your best interest to position your home as worthy of being purchased, by implementing key preparation steps.