Color Code Your Moving Boxes

If you color code your moving boxes, you’ll have an easier time unloading all of your moving boxes and therefore your move will go a lot faster than had you left your moving boxes uncoded. This is truly an easy tip to put into action and was provided by Simply get stickers in a variety of colors and assign a color to every room in your home. It could go something like this:

  • Blue – bathroom
  • Red – kitchen
  • Pink  -bedroom
  • Orange – dining room
  • Green – office

As you can tell, having a visual system for organizing the boxes will make your move very smooth. If you don’t want to use stickers, use colorful magic markers instead.

Start Your Move Early in the Morning

The earlier in the day you can schedule your move, the better. You’ll have a lot to your advantage and your move will go faster. That’s because when you start your move early in there will be less traffic on the road and you’ll have your best energy. These two things alone are the best advantages you can have on moving day. If you start later in the day you will spend more time on the road, and will be tired during the move. Have coffee ready and get up at 5 in the morning on moving day. You’ll be glad you did when you’re done with your move well before dinner time.

Take Advantage of Professional Moving Services

The easiest way to save time on moving day is to use professional moving services. They can do everything for you from packing up your house, to transporting everything for you. You just sit back and relax. If your budget is limited, then you can choose between packing services and transporting services. Call your local moving company for pricing information.

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