Bangkok is one of the most competitive real estate markets in the world. If you are looking to rent a condo in Bangkok, you can expect really high prices, and a lot of competition. But, if you are going to be living in Bangkok for a year or two, it’s important that you think about renting a decent place to live. There are many condos in Bangkok which are available for rent, but you have to figure out exactly where you would like to live. The closer you live to Sukhumvit, the better. It will give you access to nearby metro stations and allow you to move around freely. Here are four important tips for renting a condo.

  1. Hire a Real Estate Agent

The first thing you need to do is get in touch with a real estate agent. There are numerous agents in the city that can help you with renting an apartment. It’s recommended that you talk to an experienced real estate agent who has a reputation for working closely with their clients. You can check their website to find out more about the various kinds of services that they offer before making a decision. The real estate agent will charge a commission for their services, so you have to discuss that beforehand as well.

  1. Check Classifieds

There are a number of different postings that are made in local newspapers that you can check out. If you are interested in a 2-bedroom condo for rent in Sukhumvit, there are many people who put up classifieds. It’s recommended that you check a few ad postings to find a suitable one.

  1. Plan Visits

You need to work closely with your real estate agent and plan visits to different condos. Never fall for the pictures; it is very important that you visit the condo on your own to explore your options. It’s recommended that you check the bathrooms and other plumbing fixtures in the house on your own and ask the real estate agent to point out any specific areas that will require maintenance. This will give you leverage when negotiating with the party to bring the cost down as much as possible. Moreover, it will also help you decide whether you should rent the condo or not.

  1. Check the Location

The most important factor that you need to take into account is the location of the condo. How far is it from the metro station? How far is the main Sukhumvit road? You need to find a place that’s close to where you work and gives you access to general stores and basic amenities as well. Most importantly, there’s no need to rush into making the decision. Check out multiple condos throughout the city and then make a decision. It’s best to compare the pros and cons and then make a decision about which condo that you should rent. Make sure you take all such factors into consideration before making a decision.